Places To Use LED Strip Lights

Places To Use LED Strip Lights It’s not news that colourful lights, іf done rіght, саn lооk cool аnd futuristic. LED lіght ѕtrірѕ have come a long way, which mеаnѕ уоu саn dіtсh the [...]

What Does RGB Lighting Mean?

RGB ѕtаndѕ fоr Rеd, Grееn, аnd Bluе. It іѕ a dуnаmіс lіght соlоr ѕуѕtеm whеrе thе three рrіmаrу colours рrоduсе оvеr 16 million hues оf lіght fоr a lіmіtlеѕѕ possibility of ѕhаdеѕ оf соlоr of [...]

LED Strip Lighting Advantages

More and more people are ditching the old cranky traditional incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient LED or CFLs bulbs – and with good reason. They are eco-friendly, easy to install, and [...]

LED Lighting Buying Guide

LED Lighting LEDs have increased greatly in popularity since they were first introduced to the world. Over the years, you might have heard arguments that encourage your purchase of LEDs – they [...]

LED Lighting Trends

LED Lighting LED lighting has made a name for itself in the interior and exterior décor sector. Cheap and highly efficient, LED strip lights are beginning to break through those initial [...]

Christmas Light Installation Tips

One spectacular activity during Christmas is the lighting that adds thrill to the celebration. Adults and children alike love the excitement of a beautiful environment courtesy of the lovely [...]

Benefits Of LED Lighting

LED lights are increasingly becoming popular for several reasons. These lights are easy to work with, save a lot of energy and are suitable for different lighting applications. The US Department [...]

LED Christmas Lights vs. Incandescent Christmas Lights

Incandescent lights are all but gone, and replaced by LED lights. There are very good reasons for this shift. Incandescent lights rely on a heated filament to give off light, while LED lights [...]







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