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One spectacular activity during Christmas is the lighting that adds thrill to the celebration. Adults and children alike love the excitement of a beautiful environment courtesy of the lovely night illuminations, especially, the unusual feel of bright colors. While indoor lighting during Christmas is great, many people find outdoor lightings a fantastic part of Christmas. This article is Heilight Lighting’s guide to help you with information about the right choice of lighting for your outdoor Christmas Light Installation. At Heilight, we install LED strip lighting that uses RGB lighting technology. For LED strip lighting installation contact us, and follow these Christmas light installation tips.

  1. Consider outdoor lights only: Safety is an essential consideration when working with electricity. As you prepare for your Christmas Light Installation make sure to go for water-resistant lights and approved standards only. It is not advisable to use indoor Christmas lights for safety reasons.
  2. Consider C7 and or C9 Bulbs: If you need the bulbs consider the best for trees and house illumination, the C7 and C9 varieties are good options. They come in various sizes with C9 being bigger than its C7 cousin. They are designed in cone-shaped forms perfect for home improvement purposes with forested and clear color varieties. They come in strands of 25 or 100 bulbs strand. We recommend buying light strands with inner fuses to prevent excess current.
  3. Miniature bulbs are great: When you are on a budget, and you are concerned about power consumption to lower your energy bill, miniature bulbs aren’t a bad idea. Miniature bulbs find a good application on your home perimeter and the trees. You need to be vigilant about the bulbs because they are strung in series which could keep an entire section of you lighting out when a socket fails. When using miniature bulbs, you need to have a good lighting plan to keep the illumination active.
  4. Think of net lighting: When you need to cover an entire shrub for more beautiful lighting outside your home, go for net lighting for effective coverage. It is a mesh of interconnected LED lights that can cover the tree and save you the time to weave the trees for the same lighting effects.
  5. Consider animated lighting: Animated lights bring creativity alive! If you want your favorite Bible characters and events to create nativity scenes, this is your best option. Animated lights use wireframes to outline the various shapes of scenes to give you awesome lightings that capture the attention of passersby. The more your creativity, the more spectacular scenes you will achieve with this lighting.
  6. Install all-weather lights: Outdoor lights can be used for any event to illuminate the outside of your premises. It will serve during cold of the winter and also in the warm of summer season. Having an all-weather lighting is a cost-effective option when you need something for all seasons.

With the above suggestions, you should have a good display of amazing Christmas Light Installation. If you need professional help, you can contact Heilight Lighting for expert touch to your holiday lighting installation. We handle residential and commercial lighting installation and guide you with buying the right lighting materials for cost-effective lighting installation.

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