Commercial LED Christmas Lights

Light up your business premises with bright LED Christmas lights and add cheer to your customers this holiday season. At Heilight we design and install LED strip lighting that creates a decorative lighting solution to be enjoyed year round. We assist in the design of the lighting for business premises and public spaces creating a dazzling lighting display that is easy to maintain and energy efficient. We will help you create an atmosphere for Christmas and the holiday season helping your business to pull in more customers and give you a competitive edge. Our work is unique setting you apart from the rest, using patented LED strip lighting technology. We have worked with many companies and organizations to help them achieve their vision, creating unique and engaging lighting displays. The best thing is that we will do all of it with the minimum disruption to your business.

If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to brand your business this holiday season, consider installing commercial LED Christmas lighting by Heilight.  We can work with:

  • Business headquarters
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Hotel Strip Lighting
  • Resorts
  • Government buildings and municipalities
  • Public parks and plazas
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Malls & Outlets

We have a comprehensive package that starts with designing of the lighting system, and then the installation. Our lighting solutions are year-round, effective for the holidays and seasonal decorations.

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LED Christmas Lighting Design

We know that each business is unique, from the structure to the building materials. That is why our LED strip lighting experts come to check out the features of the property before installation. We will listen to your ideas and work with you to make an engaging and effective Christmas lighting display. We schedule the installation at a time convenient for you and your business.


LED Christmas Light Installation

We take the features of your business premises into consideration when doing the LED Christmas light installation. Property safe techniques are used to ensure there is no damage to the property. Our lighting systems are nearly unnoticeable as the rest on the fascia or building edge with a thin strip of LED lights. We use property friendly clips and fasteners to ensure no damage is done to the walls or any other surfaces where the lights are installed.

We ensure that the lights are functioning properly for the whole season and throughout the year. Our patented LED lighting systems are designed to function during the coldest winter days, effectively adjusting to Alberta’s changing climate. Our expert technicians will ensure that everything is working optimally and that your LED lighting system will last for years to come.


Permanent LED Christmas Lights

We know that disused Christmas lighting is a bit of an eyesore once the festive season is gone. Our commercial LED holiday lights are nearly unnoticeable, we install the lights for year-round use, removing the need for teardown and re-installation. We provide a hassle-free alternative to traditional incandescent lights as our LED strip lighting is great for seasonal use and year-round decorative lighting.

We have a wide range of LED Christmas lights and strip lighting systems suitable for large public spaces and commercial properties. Dazzle your customers with a magnificent holiday display that is efficient and maintenance free.

Lighting Features

  • Low-Profile

    Our lights are extremely low-profile. The installation is under 1 inch and blends into your home's architecture naturally.

  • Standard Outlets

    With our LED strip lights, there is no need for electrical upgrades. Our lights use the standard 120 volt power outlets.

  • Weather Resistant

    Feel safe using our lights inside or out with our weather resistant products (IP65). The lights will withstand rain, dust, snow, and hail.

  • Low Voltage

    Our LED strip lights are an extra-low voltage solution that is easy to install and is environmentally-friendly.

  • Vivid Colours

    The lights we install provide 324 lumens/meter of individually mobile, controllable, and vivid colour lighting.

  • No Maintenance

    Our lights are essentially zero maintenance, providing the long life, durable LED technology that will ensure you will never change a bulb.

  • Permanent Installation

    We install the lights for full-year inside and outside use, the lights are permanent and require no removal.

  • Save Money

    Our lighting technology helps you save money with less power consumption and little to no maintenance cost.

  • Long-Lasting

    The LED strip lights we install have a very long life and will never require you to change a bulb or go on a ladder.

  • Quality Materials

    Our LED strip lights are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminium and polycarbonate lenses.







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