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We have a wide range of LED lighting products suitable for different indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Here are some of your questions about our lighting products answered.

What is Heilight?

This is our technologically advanced lighting system that uses RGB LED lights to give off any kind of color you would want to accessorize your home or business.

How Are Heilight Lights Installed?

We do not recommend that a customer refrains from installing our lighting in a DIY style. We have skilled electricians and installers to install it for you. Our system uses CSA and UL certified power supplies which then mean that only a qualified professional should do the installation.

How Many Colours Are Programmed?

There are hundreds or thousands of colour and animation pattern combos to choose from. Remember that the RGB LED lighting system can produce more than 16 million hues and colors. Our experts are always working to come up with more combinations.

How Energy Efficient is Heilight Lighting?

Our system is very energy efficient. LED lights can save up to 50% of the energy used in fluorescent lights and use up to 30% of what incandescent lights use. Our system converts electrical energy into light very efficiently and produces very little heat while giving off very bright light.

Is The Lighting System Controllable?

Our system can be controlled remotely via an app. This app is available on both Android and iPhones. The system can be controlled for dimming and change of colour and animation patterns. The app is free to install and is updated frequently.

How Long Does The Installation Take

Installation depends on the size of the building but a standard 2-3 bedroom detached home can have the system installed in less than a day. We work with you to see where to place the lights for easy installation and maintenance.

Is The Lighting System Weatherproof?

Our system is designed for extreme weather. The track and lens parts of the light are designed to withstand dust, snow, and rain. The strip lights are well covered in weatherproof elements and can withstand the range of temperatures in North America.

What Are The Materials For The Lighting System?

The tracking on the LED light is made from high-quality aluminum while the lens is made from sturdy polycarbonate lens. The whole unit is unobtrusive and discreet making it ideal for residential and commercial lighting.

How Much Does The Lighting Cost?

The cost of the lighting system depends on how extensive it is. This is because different designs will consume different amounts of materials and labor.







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