LED Christmas Lights vs. Incandescent Christmas Lights

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Incandescent lights are all but gone, and replaced by LED lights. There are very good reasons for this shift. Incandescent lights rely on a heated filament to give off light, while LED lights give off light from electricity passing through a diode. This means there are several differences in brightness, power consumption, shape and size between these two kinds of lights. If you are looking for Christmas decorations, LED Christmas lights should be part of the package. Here is why to go for LED instead of incandescent lights.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights have been shown to consume a third of the power that is consumed by a typical incandescent light of the same brightness. For a small Christmas decorative setting, the savings might not be noticeable but this is very noticeable when lighting a commercial display like a big store.

This lower consumption of energy is also advantageous to the environment as these LED lights are more eco-friendly meaning that they require less of the earth’s resources like coal to power up.

Incandescent lights give off a lot of heat which makes the area around them uncomfortable. When used in large displays, the heat can necessitate the use of the AC adding to the inefficiency.

Brightness & Colour

LED Christmas lights have a wider range of brightness and color temperature than incandescent lights. The warm white color of LED lights will have the same ambiance as that of an incandescent light. On the higher side of the spectrum of LED lights are cool whites that are very bright. LED lights do not have the flickering that is seen in incandescent lights. That is because the bulb converts AC power to DC power seamlessly.

Ease Of Installation

Unlike incandescent lights which present a challenge when installing in some parts of the Christmas tree, LED Christmas lights are easy to install. The LED wide angle light is easier to handle than the incandescent type because it does not have a long bulb to catch on the branches.

LED strip lights are also easier to install outdoors as they come weatherproofed, unlike incandescent bulbs that have to be undercover.

Lighting Maintenance

LED Christmas lights only need correct installing. This is unlike incandescent bulbs that have to be tested every other time. The waterproof nature of the LED strips means that they can be installed outdoors without fear of shorting.

Lighting Longevity

LED Christmas lights are able to last longer than incandescent lights as they have no filament burning away. They can last 10,000-50,000 hours which is a lot of time if they are being used seasonally.


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