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LED lighting has made a name for itself in the interior and exterior décor sector. Cheap and highly efficient, LED strip lights are beginning to break through those initial limitations, expanding well into other sectors, as the range of application of these lights broadens into other fields. As companies and consumers alike continue to adopt LED lights, here are 5 trends to look out for.


Smart LED Lighting

The introduction of Smart LED was supposed to be the dawn of a new era of lighting but that has stalled a bit. Nevertheless, Smart LED has already made great strides – the ability to dim and tune light colors being a major shift in lighting fixtures. But there’s more to be done. Smart lighting is now being applied into more fields – an example would be the use of smart street lights that adjust in brightness to match the commuter population – and you can be certain to get even more from it soonest.


Integration Into The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made huge in-roads in daily living. Based on the concept of seamless interconnectivity of devices across all facets of living, smart houses are getting even smarter as the barrier between applications and devices are broken down. Cloud-Based Smart LED is beginning to leverage on this connectivity with the aim of breaking into Smart home automation. The idea is to allow users remotely control their lighting – color, texture, warmth – while the system notes and remembers user behavior.


Non-Visible LED Lights

New LED concepts are springing up every day as competitors try to outdo themselves. Nonvisible lighting is yet to fully go mainstream but it sure is rising in popularity. LED lights allow you to light up an environment without visible bulbs and fixtures, thanks to their ability to be cut into smaller bits. Predominant in the security industry and the remote control design industry, non-visible lights are set to see a further application in industries such as biometrics and agriculture.


Automotive LED Application

The use of LED lights in the automotive industry has taken a giant leap since the early introduction of this technology. LED-powered headlamps, license plate lights, tail, brake and turn lights are breaking thick and fast into automobiles. Be set to see this continue at pace, eventually driving down the costs of these lights. Also look out for the integration of LED-powered dashboards and smart technology to give users more functionality and control options.

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