LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is increasingly being seen on commercial and residential buildings for several advantages in ease of installation, brightness, color options, and efficiency. LED strip lighting is versatile and can be installed in different settings for normal lighting, party lighting or temporary outdoor lighting. LED strip lighting has become an increasingly popular choice for holiday lighting and Christmas lighting. To get the best out of LED strip lighting, there are some things to consider before buying.


Lighting Lumens (Brightness)

Brightness, as perceived by the human eye, is measured in lumens. Higher lumens translate to brighter lighting. Different applications require different levels of brightness, for example, accent lighting would require 156 lumens while industrial lighting will require upwards of 500 lumens. In addition to the application, consider the space to be covered by the lighting. The rule of the thumb is to go for slightly brighter than needed and use a dimmer if necessary.


Colour Temperature (CCT)

Correlated color temperature ranges from cool white to warm white, and is measured in Kelvins. Lower color temperatures look orange or yellow, just like in the old tungsten bulbs. Higher color temperatures are white or bluish white. Color temperature is not to be confused with the actual color of the LED lighting which is given off by the color coating on the LED strip. Warm white is best for ambient and accent lighting while cool white is best for work areas.

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Color Rendering Index

This is how colors look under lighting. This is measured with an index of 0-100. Generally, typical residential lighting will be 80 -90 CRI while CRI above 90 is best for industrial, scientific and film lighting applications.


Strip Size & LED’s On The Strip

LED strip lighting is typically packaged in reels measuring 5 meters or 16 feet 5 inches and is often considered long-run strip lighting. It is advisable to measure the length of LED strip needed before purchasing. When choosing, look at the size of the strip and the LED chips that are on each foot of length on the strip.  Higher clusters will give you better lighting.


Wattage Rating

The main validation for using LED strip lighting is to minimize on power consumption. It is important to know the wattage rating of an LED strip. The rating is usually stamped on the LED strip. Make sure to ask if this is per foot or for the whole strip.


Quality Considerations

With numerous LED makers on the market, it is important to know that you are buying a quality product. Some of the considerations in quality include thermal management which is the ability of the strip to withstand heat. Check for the quality of the material and ask for warranty arrangements.


LED Strip Lighting With Heilight

At Heilight we install the highest quality of LED strip lighting, our patented technology is efficient, effective and quality. If you are looking for commercial LED Christmas lights or residential LED Christmas lights trust Heilight. LED strip lighting is not only great for the holidays, they are a year-round decorative and functional lighting system. Contact us today to learn more about our year-round lighting solutions, and our LED strip lighting installation services.

Lighting Features

  • Low-Profile

    Our lights are extremely low-profile. The installation is under 1 inch and blends into your home's architecture naturally.

  • Standard Outlets

    With our LED strip lights, there is no need for electrical upgrades. Our lights use the standard 120 volt power outlets.

  • Weather Resistant

    Feel safe using our lights inside or out with our weather resistant products (IP65). The lights will withstand rain, dust, snow, and hail.

  • Low Voltage

    Our LED strip lights are an extra-low voltage solution that is easy to install and is environmentally-friendly.

  • Vivid Colours

    The lights we install provide 324 lumens/meter of individually mobile, controllable, and vivid colour lighting.

  • No Maintenance

    Our lights are essentially zero maintenance, providing the long life, durable LED technology that will ensure you will never change a bulb.

  • Permanent Installation

    We install the lights for full-year inside and outside use, the lights are permanent and require no removal.

  • Save Money

    Our lighting technology helps you save money with less power consumption and little to no maintenance cost.

  • Long-Lasting

    The LED strip lights we install have a very long life and will never require you to change a bulb or go on a ladder.

  • Quality Materials

    Our LED strip lights are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminium and polycarbonate lenses.







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