LED Strip Lighting Installation

An LED strip light is actually a flexible circuit board that contains surface mounted LEDs and typically comes with adhesive backing for easier installation. LED strip lighting is ideal for backlighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. Advances in Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has seen LED strip lights increase in brightness and quality, while LEDs are most recently used and deployed in task lighting. LED lighting is versatile, with millions of hues and color. Heilight Lighting installs patented RGB LED lighting solutions, our quality strip lighting installation ensures a durable and efficient lighting solution.


LED Strip Lighting Design

There are hundreds of variations in color, adhesives, water resistance, driving voltage, water resistance and choice of SMDs (Surface Mounted Diodes). Strip lighting can be coated or non-coated. The uncoated type is for installation in places where the lights may come into contact with a human touch. Coated strip lights are ideal for installing outdoors as they are waterproofed, and also have higher voltage making them brighter for outdoor use.

LED Strip lights are also either addressable or non-addressable:

  • Single color non-addressable: The LEDs on this strip have single white color with 2700-6500 K color temperature and a single monochrome color of 400-700 nanometers wavelength.
  • Multi-color addressable: The strip contains LEDS that can display multiple colors. However, all the LEDs display the same color at the same time.
  • RGB Addressable: The LEDs on this strip are individually addressable meaning each can display different colors, or strobes apart from the other LEDs

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Beam Angle LED Lights

The typical SDM is set at 120 degrees which is directed up meaning it comes off at a perpendicular angle to the mounting surface. Edge emitter or side view SMDs have the beam angle at 90 degrees to the surface, directed up which means the light washes on the surface. This way of setting the bean angle is mostly used in signage lights.


Dimming LED Lights

It is impossible to dim LED lights like in the way dimming is done in a conventional light by changing the external voltage. Instead, a device known as a Pulse Wave Modulation dimmer is used. This dimmer uses a complex formula to switch the LED on and off in varying durations such that the light coming off appears to dim or brighten.


Where To Install LED Lights

LED Strip lighting installation can be done pretty much anywhere as advances in this lighting technology has come up with strip lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. LED strip lights are very versatile and portable making them suitable for projects such as decorative wheel rims lights or holiday/Christmas lighting.

If you require LED strip lighting installation in Calgary, Fort McMurray & Edmonton contact the LED & RGB lighting specialists at Heilight Lighting, we provide quality LED lighting solutions with professional installation.

Lighting Features

  • Low-Profile

    Our lights are extremely low-profile. The installation is under 1 inch and blends into your home's architecture naturally.

  • Standard Outlets

    With our LED strip lights, there is no need for electrical upgrades. Our lights use the standard 120 volt power outlets.

  • Weather Resistant

    Feel safe using our lights inside or out with our weather resistant products (IP65). The lights will withstand rain, dust, snow, and hail.

  • Low Voltage

    Our LED strip lights are an extra-low voltage solution that is easy to install and is environmentally-friendly.

  • Vivid Colours

    The lights we install provide 324 lumens/meter of individually mobile, controllable, and vivid colour lighting.

  • No Maintenance

    Our lights are essentially zero maintenance, providing the long life, durable LED technology that will ensure you will never change a bulb.

  • Permanent Installation

    We install the lights for full-year inside and outside use, the lights are permanent and require no removal.

  • Save Money

    Our lighting technology helps you save money with less power consumption and little to no maintenance cost.

  • Long-Lasting

    The LED strip lights we install have a very long life and will never require you to change a bulb or go on a ladder.

  • Quality Materials

    Our LED strip lights are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminium and polycarbonate lenses.







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