Permanent LED Christmas Lights

With over 16 million hues and colours, LED lighting makes perfect shimmering and glowing Christmas lights. The good thing is that LED lighting has become cheaper while quality and variety has improved. Installing extensive Christmas lights and taking them down after the festivities every year is a bit tedious. But what if you can install permanent LED Christmas lights? Heilight installs year-round strip lighting that is a festive decorative lighting alternative and a permanent exterior lighting system. At Heilight our LED RGB lighting system is installed below the fascia of the home and is nearly invisible to the naked eye. If you are looking for permanent Christmas lighting in Calgary, Fort McMurry & Edmonton contact Heilight.


Components Of LED Lighting

  • LEDs: Buy WS2812 or better WS2812b strips with at most 30 LEDs per meter.  Ensure you get the waterproof type since you will be placing them outdoors.
  • JST M-4 Connectors: Get one male and one female for every strip
  • 2 conductor connectors: These are alternatives to JST connectors. They are easier to work with.
  • Wiring: You will need 18-gauge wire for the longer runs and 20-gauge for the shorter runs
  • Capacitor: You need one per power supply with a rating of 1000 uF electrolytic
  • 300-500 Ohm resistor
  • Power supply: You will need 1 power supply per 150 LEDs. Power should be rated 10 Amps 5 Volts.
  • Fuses: Inline fuses are used to prevent blowing the LEDs in case you misconfigure.
  • Arduino Mega: This is for controlling the lights which will be operating at 3 bytes per pixel
  • 1-inch cup hooks
  • Number 10 screw eyes
  • Plastic Strips
  • Silicone RTV
  • Waterproof kitchen containers

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Planning & Wiring LED Lighting

You will have to consider roof repairing needs like painting, and troubleshooting of the LED strips. It is advisable to use one strip per each section of a roof line. The data line has to be in one continuous loop for the digital commands to pass uninterrupted.


Mounting LED Lighting

To mount the permanent LED Christmas lights, our team at Heilight attach the strips to the eaves or fascia using an adhesive strip or direct installation. This makes it easier to take down the strips for troubleshooting or to access the roof section, our lights are designed and installed to be a long-lasting and maintenance free solution. In certain cases, we use plastic molding to give the strips some rigidity. Our team ensures the lighting is waterproof and weatherproof.


Programming LED Lighting

You can use the Android & IOS app available to control the lighting system on demand. The easy to use app allows you to change, control and illuminate your home at any time.

With our app, it is possible to change the LED lighting patterns by simply going on your smartphone or mobile device. You can use different control patterns every season and every time of year to make your permanent LED Christmas lights more vibrant and effective.

Lighting Features

  • Low-Profile

    Our lights are extremely low-profile. The installation is under 1 inch and blends into your home's architecture naturally.

  • Standard Outlets

    With our LED strip lights, there is no need for electrical upgrades. Our lights use the standard 120 volt power outlets.

  • Weather Resistant

    Feel safe using our lights inside or out with our weather resistant products (IP65). The lights will withstand rain, dust, snow, and hail.

  • Low Voltage

    Our LED strip lights are an extra-low voltage solution that is easy to install and is environmentally-friendly.

  • Vivid Colours

    The lights we install provide 324 lumens/meter of individually mobile, controllable, and vivid colour lighting.

  • No Maintenance

    Our lights are essentially zero maintenance, providing the long life, durable LED technology that will ensure you will never change a bulb.

  • Permanent Installation

    We install the lights for full-year inside and outside use, the lights are permanent and require no removal.

  • Save Money

    Our lighting technology helps you save money with less power consumption and little to no maintenance cost.

  • Long-Lasting

    The LED strip lights we install have a very long life and will never require you to change a bulb or go on a ladder.

  • Quality Materials

    Our LED strip lights are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminium and polycarbonate lenses.







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