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More and more people are ditching the old cranky traditional incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient LED or CFLs bulbs – and with good reason. They are eco-friendly, easy to install, and snappy to maintain. But, did you know LED strip lighting can offer the same advantages as LED or CFLs bulbs and then some.

If you don’t believe us, here 10 LED strip lighting advantages that might change your mind.

#1. Hassle-Free Installation

Installing LED lighting has never been easier. Perhaps one of the most significant LED strip lighting advantages is that they are effortlessly easy to install. They usually feature adhesive or are installed using screws, this implies that you only need to peel and stick them to pretty much anywhere you want.

#2. Flexibility Like No Other Lighting Option

At the epicenter of LED strip lights are their agility and flexibility. Unlike incandescent bulbs, the strips can be attached to corners, moulded surfaces or even curved surfaces. They can take whichever shape your desire.

#3. Robust Energy Efficiency

Like most LED and CFLs bulbs, LED strip lights are quite energy-efficient. You can expect these lights to consume about 75% less energy than conventional bulbs. Even better, they use 50% less energy than CFLs.

#4. They Are Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic

One of the main reasons why LED lights have gained traction over fluorescents is that they don’t contain mercury or any other harmful chemicals. That means you don’t have to worry how you dispose of them.

#5. Long-Lasting

LED strip lighting is designed with durable parts that built to withstand the elements. They are waterproof and made to last long in areas with high impacts and heavy vibrations.

#6. Affordable Alternative

Although LEDs cost more than traditional bulbs upfront, they will pay off in their durability, long-life, and energy efficiency. You will save oodles of cash on repairs and maintenance.

#7. Eco-Friendly

All LEDs have no hazardous or toxic components. That means they can be recycled, reused, and whatnot without impacting on the environment. Besides, their longevity and energy-efficiency dramatically to their eco-friendliness.

#8. Elegant Design Appeal

LED strip lighting design makes it appealing for decorations. They fit on the fascia, under the hood, on the roof or even under the cabinet – the options are endless.

#9. Exceptional Safety

It’s a no-brainer that LED strip lights are the safest lighting solution around.

#10 Variety in Lighting Options

You can get LED strip lights in all kinds of colours, sizes, and customizations.

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